Infrequently Asked Questions

Wait — is this a real thing you're doing?



Because I wanted to make a safe place for me to be weird on the internet. Turns out those are hard to come by naturally. You gotta intentionally build them yourself.

Why are you charging for it?

I'm going to spend like $1,500 on tacos this year. I don't feel bad charging the most minuscule premium for providing a front row seat to my pain.

Can I get a refund?

Wait, really?

Why isn't the yearly fee $20.21?

Because I didn't think of it and by the time someone more clever than me pointed it out, Team Taco was already a few dozen strong at $24. While I'm anti-capitalist, I'm pro-taco. I contain multitudes.

What's your favorite food?


Are you worried you're going to hate your favorite food after this year? Like, 2000 tacos is a lot of tacos.

2021 tacos, but yes. It's a very real fear.

Can I email you?