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Choose Your Own Report

Choose Your Own Report

Well, this last week really sucked, huh?

I wrote two reports this week. Depending on your mental state and what you need right now, you can read one or the other. Or you can get wild and read both. I'm making this week's report public because of the subject matter. If I can provide a needed distraction for a few minutes to someone, great.

When Would Have Been Soon Enough?

This report is sort of about the fascist coup last week, but it's really about the people who I loved who I've lost because of their support of the Republican party. It's not a light read. I wrote it because I need to send it to some of them so they can read it stated plainly.

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A $5,000 Raccoon Named Clyde

This report is about a raccoon named Clyde that I fell in love with other the weekend and how we're going to adopt him. It's a grand plan and makes no mention of the current state of the world.

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Taco Total — 72/2021

This Week's Taco Total — 41
January Taco Total — 72

I'm doing my best to not worry about my pace. Subconsciously, it felt like I had a down week this week. So when I checked my numbers this morning to see that I had eaten ten more tacos than last week, I just laughed and shrugged. I can worry about my pace in October.