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Introducing Taco Report

Introducing Taco Report

TL;DR — I'm going to try and eat 2021 tacos in 2021. Like a 365 project, but ridiculous. I'm going to report my progress weekly, along with whatever I've been thinking about or working on that week. It costs $2/month.

Photo of chorizo tacos.

(Or you can sign up for free and receive a monthly Taco Report.)

Last Year, I ate 110 tacos in 14 days

My partner Alyse and I were in Tulum, Mexico for a two week vacation over Thanksgiving. A few weeks before we left, I made a joke about how I was going to eat 100 tacos on vacation. In that moment — in the back of my mind — I thought, "Oh. Yeah. I'm actually going to do that."

My first three tacos were at a roadside stand the first morning walking from the hotel to the rental car agency in Cancun. My last were four tacos for breakfast on our last morning in Mexico.

Alyse took a photo of me eating my 100th taco — an incredible al pastor taco from a different roadside stand. We stopped as we were walking back from dinner where I had eaten, you guessed it, tacos.

As we were driving back to the airport, we talked how we didn't want to leave. We were just tired of being on vacation. Of not being home. Of sleeping in a hotel. Sure, let's move to Mexico one day. That'll be great. On December 3rd, 2019, we flew home to The Netherlands.

On December 3rd, 2020, we boarded a one-way flight to move to Mexico. More on that later.

A friend joked about doing a 365 project: Eating a Taco a Day. Alyse said I should dream bigger. We did the math. 2021 tacos in 2021 is 5.5 tacos a day. Which is an absurd amount of tacos. This is an absurd thing to do.

So let's be absurd together.

Every Tuesday, I'm going to file a Taco Report to show my progress. (Taco Tuesday, get it?) Some weeks, there will be an accompanying essay attached. Or an interview. Maybe a photo gallery, I don't know. Some weeks, it'll just be a number and me saying how much I hate tacos. On the last Tuesday of every month, the report will be public for those who haven't signed up for Team Taco.

All posts are free for December 2020. Come 2021, locking it down for Team Taco only.

I'm charging $2/month for membership in Team Taco. A plate of tacos at my favorite taqueria here costs about $2. So with your membership, you're buying me a plate of tacos every month. It's all very silly and this silly project is going to cost a silly amount of money and time and effort and so if you want to support silly things on the internet give me two bucks. Let me say thanks in advance: thanks.

Weird Together

I'm excited to have a place to be weird on the internet again. We all deleted Facebook years ago. RIP Tumblr. I miss Neopets. Instagram is an advertising machine that makes us miserable but we keep to DM people we have crushes on from years or decades ago. Twitter was a place to make weird jokes and now it's where I derive 100% of our studio's work and business connections from. LinkedIn... that's enough of that sentence. Substack is eating blogging and is a few years away from dying just like Medium did and y'all.

I'm just sad about the state of the internet and what we were forced to do to it to make a living. After this year, and what feels like the next forever years, having a place to be weird and vulnerable and make stupid stuff with friends is going to be more important than ever.

Let's get weird. Give me $2.

See you next Tuesday.


Taco Count

Tacos Eaten This Week — 23
December Taco Total — 23

(No, tacos eaten in December don't count towards 2021's total. Duh.)