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Oh, Right. A Report.

Team Taco™! This is the week. It's finally come. The week where... there's no real report. But I love you all the same.

I've been knocked on my ass by the second vaccine shot. America is a hellscape that I've been in for days. I don't have any energy to write something thoughtful or caring. I'm currently in the back of my parent's car heading to the airport to fly back home after our flight got delayed and we got rebooked on a flight we needed to leave for five minutes ago. I really can't believe that we had somehow convinced ourselves that travel was cool, and good, and great, and not pure misery, and easily made it a part of our collective personalities.

I barely ate tacos this week. Tacos are huge in America! I regularly eat six tacos a day in Mexico, and I can barely finish two here. What a scam. At least I had Taco Bell three (three!) times.

Oh! One nice programming note — a Team Taco Member requested a page for the salsas to find them easily. Your requests are my commands or whatever, so here it is.

TACO TOTAL — 960/2021

This Week's Taco Total — 25
May Taco Total — 143

Oh, I'm hitting 1,000 tacos this week. Neat. We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming of trauma and tacos next week. It'll be a doozy, I promise.