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Introducing the Untitled Cookbook

Team Taco™ and friends! Making this week’s edition short, sweet, and to the point. It’s public and free for everyone, even though it’s not the last Tuesday of the month. Why’s that? Because I’m selling something, and I want to get to it.

Please purchase, share, and hooray for making things.

I love you very much.

Introducing the Untitled Cookbook

I’ve always wanted to make a cookbook of my salsa recipes. Just a little baby zine with a dozen or so. Play the hits. Share the love. This is that, but more.

The more I thought about what I wanted to put into a cookbook, the more I realized I wanted to share myself. Food is my love language. Cooking for you is how I show you that I love you. So sharing how I make something with someone has always been an added act of trust and adoration. That’s something I want showing up in my life as much as possible. So I’m self-publishing a cookbook, and I have no idea what it’s called.

You can pre-order here. Or you can pre-order it here, but with 1000% more marketing.

There are four options: The Digital Edition, the Standard Edition, the Custom Salsa Recipe Edition, and the NFT Edition. (No, it’s not a real NFT. I’m not an asshole throwing away carbon for .jpgs. It’s just a $5,000 .pdf.)

If you're a Team Taco™ Paid Member, you’ll get the Digital Edition for free.

If you buy the Limited Edition or Custom Salsa Recipe, you’ll get access to the behind-the-scenes development of the book. I want this to be a collaboration, not something I make by myself. We’ll decide things like the Title, choose designs, enjoy a livestream of a photo shoot, recipe test together, and generally just vibe. There will be a locked & private channel in the Team Taco™ Discord for the Limited Edition Cookbook Crew. It’s gonna be lit. (Or pretty slow and tired — making a book is hard work.)

I’ll share more occasionally on Taco Report before the end of the year. I expect the book to ship sometime mid-2022. It’s gonna be lovely.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy or three. They’ll make incredible holiday gifts. You know, for next year.

TACO TOTAL — 1676/2021

This Week’s Taco Total — 47
September Taco Total — 144

My best friend is visiting us in Mexico for the first time since we moved here. So. I'm gonna go drink with him in the pool instead of writing a longer report. Prioritizing self-care like a champ.